Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to my Kitchen !!!

Hi ! and Welcome to my blog :)

I remember the day when i was inviting few friends for dinner for the first time after marriage, I googled for an authentic recipe .... and inadvertently stumbled into the world of food blogging. Since then i have been a silent spectator of of this world appreciating all the creative bloggers for their efforts .

But the main source of inspiration for creating my own blog came from my best friend, my husband Abhishek. He not only eats what I cook in the name of cooking but also is my food critic and assistant chef :).Sometimes finding a recipe becomes a more tougher chore than actually cooking it .And to avoid that my husband being a well organized person inspired me for creating my blog .

I started cooking only after getting married that is almost one year ago. And One thing I have learned from my ‘almost’ an year of kitchen adventure is how to balance and harmonize flavors. For any cook, it is very important to make adjustments in the quantity used to bring out the right flavor of the ingredients to suit your taste buds rather than blindly following the given recipes religiously.and me myself as a cook never followed any recipe blindly (always added something or the other ) .

So i hope Recipes coming from my kitchen should serve as guidelines as they cannot speak for your taste preference. Rather following the cooking instructions, follow your instinct and have fun with spices, and you will find a recipe full of flavors ,aroma and above all the complete satisfaction of creating something which your loved ones enjoy.

Hope to have lots of 'Fun with Spices' together……

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