Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Triple S !!! Simple Sourcream Sandwich

Hungry and no time to cook ? Here is a quick fix .. This sandwich is my all time favorite be it lunch, breakfast or even dinner. Reason because it is easy to make, very filling and above all very tasty.
On the blogo sphere when Sandwich festival is around which is hosted by 'Anupama' of 'Food-n-More' , my recipe goes straight to it. Thanks Anupama for choosing such an interesting topic. So here is my recipe

  • Bread Slices : 4 ( I used wheat bread can use any of your choice
  • Sour Cream : 2 Tbsp
  • Rawa/Sooji/semolina : 3 Tbsp
  • Tomato :1/8 cup Half finely chopped
  • Onion : 1/8 cup
  • peas : 1/8 cup
  • oil : 2 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Black Pepper to taste

Note : Can add as many veggies as you want like capsicum,beans ..
  1. In a bowl mix all the ingredients except Bread.
  2. Spread the above mix on one side of the Bread slice.
  3. Heat a Pan/Tawa, Put oil on it, When heated put the Bread on tawa with the side spread with the mix down(yes u heard me right and if you are thinking that it will stick to the tawa then trust me it won't ).
  4. Flip after 2 mins
  5. Wait for 2 mins for the other side to become brown.
  6. Enjoy the Sandwich !!


Arundathi said...

thats a really cool idea! what an unique s/wich! lovely! might have to substitute yogurt for sour cream, though - not a big fan of sour cream.

jayasree said...

Very creative sandwich u have.

Anupama said...

Thanks for a superb entry Divya. Haven't tried sour cream with anything until now. This will be a good start. Thanks once again

Divya said...

thanks Arundathi ..even don'nt use Sour cream much but for this Sandwich it works really well ..yes you can surely try with yogurt,let me know how the yogurt sandwich turns out
Thanks Jayasree
Thanks Anupama,try this one and let me know i am sure you will like it

Neha said...

i also make the same with curd, n some curry leaves.., gr8 snack indeed..

Tee said...

I am drooling! This is a great recipe to use up sour cream :)

Uma said...

simple yet delicious sandwich. lovely entry.

Pravs said...

Oh thats very creative way to have a sandwich. Totally love the idea.

Kalai said...

Awesome idea and so quick, too!! :)

Hitesh said...

Sandwich gone sour is all i can say !!

Divya Vikram said...

I always look for a twist in my breakfast..Thanks for a new idea..

Saroja said...

This weekend Mishthi was not well and was looking for something quick for brunch..and tried this one...with curd instead of sour cream as we do not stock cream..and it was very delicious and feeling...well when i came here to post a comment realized that actually it is tried out with curd by so many others too!!! Parag liked the sandwich very well and me too!!!