Friday, August 8, 2008

Papa wale : Khoya Cooker laddu

Now I am sure you all might be thinking ki ' Laddu or cooker mein??'How is this possible, Right?? But I am going to share a recipe that I learnt from my father which is known for its simplicity and above all low calorific value.
At our home we used to make this laddu along with dal bati. This cooker laddu tastes as good as churma laddu with just 2 tablespoons of ghee.
Instead of praising it so much i should share the recipe with you so you can go ahead and try making it.
Here is the recipe.

Mawa/Khoya: 2 cups
Rawa/Sooji: 2 cups

Ghee/ Clarified Butter: 2 Tbsp
Powdered sugar:2 cups ( more if you like more sweet )
cardamom powder: 2 tsp

cashews : 7-10

Raisins : few

1. Grate the khoya and mix it with sooji using hands.
2. Put this mixture in a vessel which will go into the cooker. I used my cooker dabba for this purpose. Press the mixture with some small katori tightly in the vessel. Make sure that sooji and khoya are tightly pressed together . 3.Put some heavy weight on the vessel and keep it in the cooker.Put some water in the cooker and let it whistle 15 times on high heat. The count of whistle is really important. You can make out from the aroma that the khoya + sooji are getting roasted. 4.Now take out the vessel and turn it over on a big vessel. You can see the difference in the color of sooji/khoya mixture . 5. Crumble it using hand and then grind it in the grinder once it is cooled.

6. Add powdered sugar, Ghee, Cardamom powder, Cashews and raisins to the above mixture and shape them in laddu form. Delicious laddus are ready to satisfy your sweet tooth :)


Divya said...

this is a great recipie :) always. Is khoya same as coconut ?

Divya said...

Thanks dear !! No khoya is not coconut. It is also known as Mawa ( which you can get in any indian store in the freezer section where they keep paneer.

Shweta said...

Gorgeous laddus Divya! How have you been?
I made pasta with roasted veggies from your blog... I didn't have penne on hand so I used conchigli and added a layer of breadcrumbs on top while baking.. It was absolutely yummy!! Thanks for the recipe :)